Guardian Home Inspections

Today, No Payne Roofing meets with Alex from Guardian Home Inspections, a family-owned inspection company offering top-notch inspection services. Tune in today for all kinds of home inspection tips!

While some things are DIY, when it comes to buying a house, leave it to the professionals. Alex is here to fight for you and make sure that you get the best deal possible. The trained eye will always see more than the untrained, and when it comes to buying a house no purchase is a small purchase, and getting hit with an $80k+ renovation by surprise could potentially bankrupt you. 

This is where professionals like Alex come into the picture. With their expertise and knowledge in the field of Home Inspections Calgary, they can provide homeowners with a realistic and unbiased evaluation of the property’s condition. Whether it’s assessing the quality of renovations, identifying potential issues, or offering recommendations for improvement, Alex can provide valuable insights that enable homeowners to make informed decisions, especially when preparing to sell their home.

I always warn people against assuming new renovations are good renovations, they should be held to the greatest scrutiny! Some homeowners just do all the work themselves or hire the cheapest contractor they can find, who may not be very skilled in his work. This is where Alex comes in! He’ll really give you much better chances of coming out of a home sale with at least the understanding of the legitimate condition of the house. 

In summary, the speaker emphasizes the importance of subjecting new renovations to rigorous scrutiny and avoiding assumptions about their quality. Instead, homeowners should seek the expertise of professionals like Alex, who can offer a thorough assessment of the property’s condition, ensuring informed decision-making and potentially enhancing the outcome of a home sale.

Tune in now and get a feel for Alex, and don’t forget to like and subscribe on our YouTube!