Skylights Calgary | VELUX

Skylights Calgary | VELUX

Is your skylight leaking? Would you like a skylight installed in an area of your home that needs some natural lighting? Well, we’ve got you covered! Velux is known as the NO LEAK skylight when installed by a preferred/certified contractor such as ourselves. Call today!

Skylights in Calgary often get a bad reputation for leaking, and unfortunately, it’s usually due to improperly trained staff members. If a skylight is installed properly it’ll last 20-50 years without issues. However not all skylight placements by the builder are good and you may want to remove it, however, this is no cheap procedure as you’ll need to adjust framing, cover over the section with roofing product that may not match the existing roof, plus you’ll need to do interior finishing which can cost almost as much as putting one in. It’s always most cost-effective to just re-flash and install a new glass package.

On the other side of things, you might want to install a new skylight. A proper budget for this kind of thing is about $4000.00, however, the price can get much more expensive than this depending on what you want in terms of size and features. In most cases a 2×4 skylight (standard fit), can go in without getting a permit, however, a 4×4 will require both an engineer’s report and a permit being filed. 

If you have a fresh air problem in your home, try going for a vented skylight! A manual opening skylight only costs a few hundred extra, however, the downside is that rain and snow can get inside if you forget to put it back down. This is where solar power and moisture sensors come in, the first drop of rain or snowflake that hits the sensor and your skylight will close automatically. 

No Payne Roofing is one of Velux’s only fully credentialed installers in the city! Get it done right and get that no-leak guarantee today! Give us a call at 587-227-0517.