It’s easy to get infected by the holiday cheer in Calgary, AB, with the children enjoying the snow and everyone feeling the rush of Christmas shopping. However, it’s easy to forget about the major protection contributors right on our heads: the roof. Unfortunately, so much property and overall damage can happen when we forget to consider our Calgary AB roof’s welfare.

Fortunately, the country has allowed dependable Calgary AB roofers to provide high-quality maintenance services. While roof replacements are still a year away, a roof maintenance service is still helpful before winter arrives.

Winter can introduce the most devastating damages to residential properties in Calgary, AB. Snow can push down hard on your entire roof. It can then melt and cause ice dams if your roof doesn’t have proper attic air flow. Lastly, snow melts at any time, ensuring you will suffer from severe water damages and without roofing services to help during the situation (it’s impossible to repair roofs during winter).

Using winter roofing maintenance services in Calgary, AB, you have the best defense against the coming consistent, unpleasant, but jovial holiday weather. Roofers can give you a complete rundown of your roof’s condition. Plus, they can provide much-needed minor repairs that eliminate soon-to-be enormous and unmaintainable problems.

SAGE Roofing News has excellent points as to why pre-winter roofing maintenance service is always necessary. Read more about it below.

Potential Roof Risks

The accumulation of Heavy Duty Snow: Thick layers of snow, built up over time, can potentially cause structural damage and in some cases cause roof collapses. This tends to happen on older properties and worn structures that have had their fair share of wear and tear. It is imperative that you assess the current state of your roof for your own safety.

The risk of Injury

There have been many cases where unexpected injuries have occurred as a result of poor roof maintenance, even deaths. It is crucial that you know the correct procedures to clearing snow off your roof. As simple as it sounds, there have been times where people have been chopping ice, which can damage shingles and gutters. Pushing snow off roofs onto gutters can later lead to potential cracks and leakage problems.

Roofs with Skylights

Roofs with skylights are highly exposed in bad winter periods, especially when it’s snowing heavy. The pressure of setting snow and ice can lead to leaks and even shattered glass. It is of the utmost importance that your roof is installed and sealed correctly and that skylights are kept clear.

Clear Vents

Falling snow will pretty much get any and everything that is exposed to the outdoors. Vents, in particular, need to be kept clear at all times. Blocked and clogged vents can lead to poor drainage, lingering sewage smells and even explosion risks depending on the building. Therefore it is important to start this maintenance as soon as the cold weather hits to prevent a slow build up and blockage. (Continue Reading)


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