Manufacturers have roofing estimates down to a science despite regular misestimates. For this reason, homeowners across Calgary, AB, place their full confidence in every purchase. Having done so, they have peace of mind that their asphalt shingle roofs from Certainteed can live beyond 25-30 years. Additionally, it is an initially pleasant surprise to own roofs beyond this estimated lifespan because it adds higher value-for-money.

Over time, homeowners will lack complacency with their existing roofs having no predictable age. One of the things we highly recommend doing is calling upon dependable Calgary AB roofers for an in-depth roofing inspection. These specialists can check the different roofing spots, allowing you to have a birds-eye-view of its estimated lifespan, existing problems, and potential grave issues that can become destructive and expensive.

With their evaluation, you’ll learn the best way to maintain your roof and the potential issues you can encounter if you continue using it. Truthfully, most beyond-lifespan roofs have 2-5 years left to provide ample protection, and repairing them will cost about 50% a complete roof tear-off and replacement service. In this light, it’s better to save up enough money to replace your roof at the soonest possible time. Your old roof has given you more time to save for a long-term roof that gives you peace of mind.

Medium author Justin Mark has a great list of signs that your aging roof requires repairs soon. Read more about it below.

Consider this: you’re sitting comfortably in your lounge, and all of a sudden, a drop of water drips from the roof in your coffee mug that you were about to take a sip. You look up, and the second drop falls in your eye. Not so comfortable are we now?

Roof issues can arise anytime. You can either sit with your hands down or you can take a stand, and get your roof repaired. But the question that remains is when do you know that your roof is begging for repairs?

Here are 7 signs that you need roof repair ASAP:

1. Shingle Damage

Roof shingles suffer the most from the weather atrocities. Rains, storms, hails, and much more. After all such menace, they are bound to wear out. You can take a look at the end, and if they exhibit curls at their ends, it’s most likely that they are worn out and broken.

In another case, you can even spot missing shingles, which means that your roof is getting old, and definitely needs repairs on an immediate level.

2. Attic Leaking

The attic is the first place under the roof, and if the roof is damaged, attics are bound to experience the most damage. If you don’t go in the attic often just because you fear there might be a ghost, then there’s probably one waiting for you, and that’s a leaking roof and water filled attic.

3. Shingle Granules

If for instance, you plan on inspecting your gutters and come across black sand or granules in them, then it’s high time that you consider roof repairs. These black granules come from shingles that are constantly wearing. If you see an immense amount of these granules, then you might even need a roof replacement. But if the amount is low, then you still have a chance for repairs. (Continue Reading)

If you have yet to find a reliable roofer in Calgary, AB, you can always count on us at No Payne Roofing. We’re a Certainteed-certified roofer ready to take on any roofing repair or replacement services. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.