Any Calgary AB homeowner doesn’t want to spend a fortune replacing or having their new roof installed. Unfortunately, it’s an inevitable need: a new house requires a superior-grade and well-installed roof. On the other hand, an aging roof requires a full-on tear off and replacement, which will cost money. Many homeowners turn to DIY roof replacement to gain a 50-60% (in some cases) in their expenses — or do they?

Before you proceed buying that new tool belt and basic roofing equipment, think about this: did you know roofing material manufacturers have the right to forfeit warranties if you DIY repair or replace your roof? Additionally, you have zero safety practices that can save your life while you’re working on your roof. Accord Roofs has a list of the many dangers and overlooked details by most DIY homeowners below.

DIY Roof Replacement Common Dangers


DIY roof repairs in Oklahoma are discouraged because they put your manufacturer warranties on the line. Most roofing warranties in the region become void if anyone other than a qualified or certified roofing professional works on the roof.


A lot of inexperienced homeowners have fallen for this pitfall. While the idea of using a ladder to access your roof seems pretty cut and dry, others fail to take notice or give enough caution to the nitty gritty of it.

What am I talking about, you might ask?

I’m talking about a.) Are you using the right type of ladder? b.) Is the place you’ve positioned your ladder stable enough? c.) are you positioning your ladder correctly?

Often times. these things can spell the difference between you ending up in the ambulance or not.


Roofing repair demands that you carry a few tools up the roof for safety purposes. For instance, a professional roofer will be armed with a fall protection anchorage, a roofer safety kit, and a safety harness. Well, you may be tempted to purchase your own safety equipment but even if you acquire them, you must know how to wear your kit for maximum safety. (Continued)

After viewing the list above and you don’t mind voiding warranties, then safety is your only possible issue. However, a homeowner’s inexperience climbing a ladder with minimal security restraints is a skill experienced and professional Calgary AB roofers possess. However, the ladder is just one safety issue when it comes to DIY roof replacement.

Other factors, such as extreme heat, parapet walls that cannot break any fall motion, and slippery working conditions will make DIY roof replacement as dangerous and difficult as it sounds. has a great list of all industrial dangers that certainly apply to your DIY plans.

Bigger Dangers of DIY Roof Replacement

Roofing Hazards Overview

Roofs aren’t designed for constant foot traffic yet inspections and repairs require workers to tread lightly across membranes and metal panels. Many roof accidents involve trips or falls from heights that result in hundreds of deaths annually and scores of other non-fatal injuries.

Consider the many risks workers are exposed to while on the roof:

Ladders – If your building doesn’t have interior stairs and a doorway to the roof, workers must use caution when using ladders. These can become unstable if they aren’t properly secured or tied off to the building, notes Brian Impellizeri, senior product manager with GAF, a roofing manufacturer.

Exterior Egress – Beyond ladders, staff should exercise situation awareness when accessing the roof via hatches, elevators, penthouse doors, scaffolding, or power equipment such as scissor lifts and aerial work platforms, says Brad Richardson, a certified safety professional and director of environmental health and safety for D. C. Taylor Company, a roofing contractor.

Skylights – While great for natural light, these fixtures can give way if too much weight is put on them. A worker may accidentally step on them or trip on the edges.

Parapet Walls – Buildings that have no barrier on the roof ledge pose an immediate risk and others may have walls that are too short to prevent someone from tumbling over.

Loose Debris – Tree branches, leaves, construction materials, and tools can all pose a tripping hazard. In windy conditions, they may also become flying debris. (Continued)

So, how do you actually spend less without doing DIY roof replacement and using a professional? First, you guarantee your personal safety. Second, they give you a precise list of materials and approximate labor time they’ll spend in servicing your roof. Lastly, they perform post-roof construction checks to make sure they did not overlook anything.

Orange Roof has a great post about how helpful roofing contractors can bring about the best in your roof’s lifespan, performance, and curb appeal.

How The Best Roofers Prevent Long Term Roof Problems

When you’re looking to save money on your home’s roof, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure that your roof is being installed the right way. Unfortunately, if you hire an inexperienced or unqualified contractor, your roof may be installed incorrectly, which can result in a whole host of costly issues.

In the short-term, for instance, you may notice that there are leaks in your roof that are causing moisture damage and reduced energy efficiency. Other problems can take months to develop, and when you finally notice these issues, it’s likely they won’t be covered by your insurance, meaning the repair costs will be entirely out of pocket.

On the other hand, when you higher the right roofers, you’ll be able to avoid all of these problems, allowing you to avoid spending money on expensive repair bills. (Continued)

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