Nobody likes the idea of their Calgary AB homes getting set on fire due to an accident or any form of mishap. However, it’s a risk that we can never get to zero, especially today that electricity is necessary to have in any home. On the other hand, it’s easiest to minimize the risk of ultimate property destruction by using one simple principle: fireproof materials. And fortunately, that includes your roof.

Your roof is a gigantic fire hazard if you use the wrong materials. When wildfires or electrical accidents start a fire, it can be quite difficult to contain. In fact, many wildfires have sent embers through the wind. These embers were enough to spark a fire in non-fireproof or highly-flammable roofing materials. If not electricity or wildfires, then your roof can start sparking with lightning strikes, fireworks, chimney ash, and even barbecue embers.

When you have a roof that’s ultimately fireproof, you won’t need to fear having a barbecue in your own backyard. Furthermore, you minimize the possible spread of fires because the roofing material’s fireproofing resistance can greatly slow it down. This allows firefighters to reduce the possible damage, especially if the fire hasn’t caught the entire roofing system yet.

All Climate Roofing has a great list of roofing materials that can deliver optimal fire protection in almost any situation. Read more about them below:

How safe are common roofing materials?

If your roof was built or repaired by a reputable contractor then you’re in good shape as far as fire safety.

Contractors have to follow strict rules concerning the materials and techniques they’re allowed to use.

Those rules take fire safety into account.

The most fire-safe materials include fiberglass-based asphalt shingles, clay and slate tiles, and concrete tiles.

Pressure treated shingles are less safe. Unsafe materials include plywood, and untreated wood shingles.

Some common fireproof roof materials are described in more detail below:

Fiberglass-based asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are by far the most economical and most commonly used roofing materials.

Some estimates note they’re used on about 80% of homes within the U.S.

The exterior of your roof looks like normal asphalt shingles, which are fire resistant on their own.

When combined with a fiberglass underlayment the structure becomes even more resistant to fire, earning a Class A rating.

This roof covering is durable and can last several decades requiring little maintenance.

Care should be taken during heavy winds to make sure no shingles blow off; any bare spots make the roof vulnerable to fire and water damage.

Clay tiles

Clay tiles have proven to be one of the safest roof coverings available.

Clay inherently resists flames and easily dissipates heat. When properly installed they achieve a Class A fire safety rating.

Though more expensive to install than asphalt, homeowners largely find that clay tiles are still affordable.

They’re also extremely durable and can last up to thirty years.

Thanks to modern manufacturing methods clay tiles are available in a number of colors to match any decor.

Slate tiles (Read More)

If you’re planning to replace your roof with fireproof roofing material, make sure you work with only the finest roofers in Calgary AB. Contact No Payne Roofing today to ensure your roof doesn’t only have exceptional fireproofing, but can last against the elements for a very long time with exceptional installation. Call us today!