You’re planning to move out of your neighborhood for all reasons possible. You want to make a small profit before you head out by re-selling your home at a higher price than when you’ve found it. A reliable roofing company from Calgary AB told you it’s possible to increase the overall price of your property by having a full roof replacement. In fact, they’ve told you the price gets higher if you use premium roofing materials — which may be more expensive but truly effective later on. Should you prioritize your roof replacement rather than remodeling the entirety of your property?

The thing is, your roof alone won’t raise the value of your property. While you might have read even from our blog that roofing will increase the value of your home, it’s not a stand-alone solution. The overall quality and value the buyers perceive is the most important — and this varies for every neighborhood and buyer.

An excellent asphalt shingle roof with a lifespan of over 25-30 years is often enough to serve as a roofing replacement. Most homebuyers aren’t picky with their new Calgary AB roofing, but some will prefer longer-lasting roofing. If the demand shows that most want clay tiles or metal roofing, then it’s the best option you can get. The best way to know this is to analyze your competition — the other properties for sale in your area.

Remodeling the entire home is more essential than your roofing replacement. However, if you will replace your roof, it’ll add the greatest value for your home. It adds a brand-new, high-quality curb appeal, guaranteed excellent durability, and attention-grabbing for homebuyers viewing it.

Forbes has a great article that shows you three great ways to get started on home remodeling. Read more below:

1. Update kitchens and bathrooms for the greatest return on investment.

Brad Hunter, chief economist at HomeAdvisor, notes that millennial homeowners are now twice as likely as baby boomers to tackle kitchen and bathroom remodels. Based on findings from HomeAdvisor’s annual True Cost report, most millennials have compromised on the size and condition of their first homes, and many purchase older homes that need repairs in order to be able to afford home ownership at all. Those stats combined with the fact that most people perceive bathroom and kitchen updates as most impactful on home resale value—and kitchens and bathrooms are high-use, high-traffic rooms—results in a high level of interest for these types of projects. Also, says Indiana mortgage banker Corey Vandenberg, appraisers tend to look for updates in these areas first, due to the appeal for potential buyers.

Kitchens will give you one of the biggest returns on your investment, says Aaron Bowman, a realtor in Connecticut. Start by replacing old appliances with new, and make sure all appliances match if possible. You can reface or replace outdated cabinets, as well as revive old flooring with newer tile or vinyl options. And even very simple updates, like a backsplash or new appliances, can be a valuable place to put your money, adds Des Moines-based realtor Sara Hopkins.

“For example, if you just bought a home with standard cabinets and Formica countertops in the kitchen, then a simple swap out for quartz or granite will benefit you in your efforts to realize a return on your investment,” says Head. “Add gourmet-style cabinets and swap out the fluorescent overhead light for monorail lighting and you’ve got a winner.”

With bathrooms, Bowman says a complete renovation usually isn’t required. You can tackle inexpensive elements like vanities, toilets and fixtures, and still get the look and feel of an update without breaking the bank. (Continued)

Always make sure you work with the best roofers available in your local neighborhood. If you have yet to find them, you can count on us at No Payne Roofing for excellent roofing solutions. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!