If you’re still thinking of doing your roofing repairs or replacement by yourself, we highly advise that you are avoiding doing so. Truthfully, roofing might sound easy and convenient with all the videos and articles you’ve been reading online. However, it takes more than just a simple set of instructions and a lot of dedication to repair or replace any roofing.

Furthermore, professional roofers have undergone education and certification that make them the best people to help you with your roofing problems and accomplish the fastest time possible. When you call a certified roofer, you can be sure that they’ll accomplish the task no matter what it takes.

You’ll have no recourse for shoddy work with DIY roofing except to work on it by yourself in the following weekends. Truthfully, this factor is why most roofing repairs that certified Calgary AB roofers can accomplish in less than a month take years for DIY homeowners.

Additionally, top-notch roofing equipment is essential in speeding up the roofing process. These equipment are enormous investments that are equivalent to ten times the cost of a single roof repair. If you plan to DIY your roof to pave the way to your roofing career, investing in the right equipment is excellent. Otherwise, it’s better to work with professional roofers instead.

Thompson Home Improvement has a great post that talks about the dangers of DIY roofing. Learn more about them below.

What is your experience level?

Another common obstacle to DIY roofing is lack of experience. Even the best intentions of your friends and family to assist you in your project won’t make up for inexperience. There are several areas of a roof which need to be installed in a particular manner and order, including an ice sheet (after the drip edge) on eaves, valleys, and penetrations. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have at least one experienced expert to help install your roof.

It’s essential to have a suitable ice sheet on your roof, especially in areas of heavy snowfall. This secondary measure against the ingress of moisture and leaks is necessary. Ice shield protects your home while ice dams are located in the valleys and eaves and in front of walls. This should be done by an expert to make sure your house is protected. More information can be found in our Ice Shield Post here.

Also, remember that inexperienced roofers can damage your shingles. If you move your roof with your shoes or tools and scrub the shingles, you can remove granules from the shingles. This granulate shields the asphalt shingle. Without them, the sun may remove the exposed asphalt, where these granules are missing. These situations can be costly and easily avoided with expert help.

Safety Precautions

When organizing a DIY roofing project, you should consider the issue of security. Ensure you use a stable ladder without any damage. If you are on a steep roof, you will need straps, safety nets, and / or crash barriers to prevent falls. Every year, about eight roofers die in the US as a result of falls and many more are injured. (Continued)

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