It’s amazing to learn new skills all the time. In fact, learning new skills is great if you have a safe environment to try and fail and then try again to improve yourself. During this quarantine season, you’ll want to learn many skills, and there’s no doubt many homeowners in Calgary AB would like to try their hand in roofing their homes. Upskilling is one of the best things anyone can do, but roof DIY isn’t one of them.

Your roof has delivered more than a decade of excellent lifespan. It’s normal that you’re seeing leaks and curled shingles when you step outside to your lawn and observe its condition. However, don’t try any method you see on the Internet as soon as you’ve read it. Without any prior experience, it’s easy to mess up and ultimately leave your roof in a dire state than its initial.

Rather than repair your roof, it’s better to learn proper roof inspection than DIY repairs or replacement. Roof inspections saves your reputable Calgary AB roofer from time determining the roof problems you have. Additionally, you save money and time too because of the shortened labour period too (and you can spend more on your roofing materials — if you’re replacing your roof).

Home Advisor has great advice for homeowners looking to improve their home through DIY roofing. Read more about it below.

Let’s talk about unspoken dangers first. Roofers have something instinctual similar to what sailors call sea legs. Roofers have spent so much time on roofs that they just know how to walk around, even on a slick roof, and not only maneuver skillfully but also feel comfortable while doing so. This comes from years of experience on a roof.

The typical homeowner doesn’t spend any time on their roof, and even if you happen to be a rock climber or a skydiver and you are already comfortable with heights, traversing a roof is an entirely different animal. The moral of all this is that being on a roof, has an element of danger that is not often considered. Gusts of wind can come out of nowhere, and if you are carrying an OSB panel or something similar, you will likely find yourself on the ground and in pain.

Do-It-Yourself Roofing

After you have considered your ability and quelled your fear of being on a roof, you now need to consider the task at hand. Roofing is a lot like making a milkshake: there are not that many ingredients, and the chore itself seems simple, but to make a really good one, you need to know what you are doing. This metaphor breaks down in that if you make a bad milkshake you don’t have to drink it, but if you do a bad job of putting on a roof, you will have to live with it year round or spend additional money to have your home re-roofed.

Painting is the easiest and most often attempted DIY project, and kitchen remodeling is the least often. Roofing has to be somewhere here in the middle. Whether it is closer to kitchen remodeling or closer to painting depends on how much experience you have with roofing. (Continued)

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