Imagine feeling something weird in your body. Due to lack of medical knowledge, a seemingly-passive sensation can actually be tell-tale signs of serious health issues. When this happens, you’ll want to consult with medical professionals to learn more about your current state of health. True enough, some people will look for symptoms and diagnose themselves with information they find in the internet. However, a professionals’ perspective outweighs anything you can find about the topic online.

The same is true when it comes to roofing. With tips and blogs (including ours) discussing many ways to repair roofs or perform inspections, experience is a different teacher among others. It tests the mettle and establishes best practices that allow professionals to spot and repair problems in the least amount of time possible. Therefore, if you sense that something is wrong with your roof, there’s nothing better than talking to experienced Calgary AB roofing professionals with knowledge to guide you through it.

Currently, No Payne Roofing provides virtual roofing consultations for $125, and if we do discover anything on your roof with your help, you can credit this cost to the repair or replacement costs.

For most homeowners, the question “what’s wrong with my roof?” is their primary. However, this question serves as an umbrella to other sub-questions that will let you learn more about your roofs condition when talking to professional Calgary AB roofers. Below, TH Construction Group has four essential questions you’ll need to ask during roofing consultation.

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Will You Remove My Old Roof?

Some contractors will tell you that shingling over your old roof will save time and money. However, certain roofing issues can only be revealed once the old material has been removed. You will never know if the wood underneath the existing shingles is rotting unless your roofer removes them.

Will You Use Ladder Stabilizers to Protect My Gutters?

It’s easy to forget that your gutters can also be affected during the roof replacement. Take note of the method roofing companies use to get onto the roof. Ladder stabilizers and/or standoffs are essential in any roofing job. They will prevent the weight of the ladder from crushing and damaging your gutters. Don’t trust a contractor who fails to answer this question.

Will You Bring a Container for the Used Material?

Old shingles would need to be contained as they are being removed. The roofer you hire should have a container on the job site for the refuse. Keep in mind that homeowners aren’t expected to provide this container nor deal with it after installation. You also need to ask where your contractor will place the container since certain surfaces can crack under extreme pressure. (Continued)