You’ve paid your premiums regularly to your Calgary AB roof insurance company. Right after the wild hailstorm the previous weeks, you expect them to reimburse you in some way to repair or replace your roof. However, all you get is a letter with the first sentence explaining it all: we have denied your roof damage insurance claim.

It’s disappointing and often infuriating. Sadly, Calgary AB insurers have the right of way to reject even obvious hail damage if it doesn’t cause functional damage to your roof. Insurers look at two kinds of roofing damages. Cosmetic incidents only affect the roof material’s curb appeal. On the other hand, functional damage will cause great dysfunction to your roof. Blue Fox Roofing has a great explanation about this below.

Roof Damage Insurance Claim Guide: When to File a Hail Damage Claim

The Insurance Information Institute recommend homeowners who suspect hail damage to their property file a claim promptly, as many insurers require filing a claim within one year of sustaining damage to your roof or other parts of your home. If you have questions about your coverage, why not contact your agent t learn exactly what your coverage include and if there’s a time limit for claims.

Do Insurance Companies Pay for Cosmetic Damages?

Insurance companies now have the option to exclude payments for damage to exterior surfaces, including walls, roofs, doors and windows from hail or wind if the storm impacts the appearance but not the function of these elements. Insurers say the exclusions are necessary to avoid raising insurance premiums to all homeowners.

J. Robert Hunter, director of insurance for the Consumer Federation of America, says homeowners need to know exactly what the insurance company considers “cosmetic” versus “functional” wind and hail damage. Not all insurers have those items clearly defined.

“A home with siding that’s dented keeps working, but it looks terrible and will cause the home to drop in value,” Hunter points out. “Insurance companies should make it whole, even if the home still functions. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen because of the ambiguous definition of cosmetic damage.” (Continued)

But what if your roof leaked throughout the heavy rainstorm following the hailstorm? Unfortunately, you still cannot have your roof damage insurance claim accepted. Most insurers consider water damage to come from sudden sewer or water backup, overflow, or sudden or accidental discharge. In addition, most water damage policies do not cover your roof. They will only provide support in restoring the interiors of your property unless your insurance covers the roof as well.

The Balance has a great article discussing everything you need to know about water damage and how water and roof leaks and other factors will not automatically merit you your benefits. Read more below.

Common Questions: What Water Damage Is Covered by Home Insurance?

There are some common questions people ask about what their home, condo or renter insurance covers, for water damage, here are a few of the most common questions:

  • Is a water leak covered by home insurance?
  • Is a leaking toilet covered by insurance?
  • Is water damage from a leaking roof covered by insurance?
  • The answer to whether these are covered or not depend on the source of the damage, the type of policy you have and if the water damage is accidental and sudden or gradual.

Gradual damage water damage is not usually covered, so although your policy might have water damage coverages, if the reason for the damage is not sudden and accidental, then you may be denied in a claim.

What is Gradual Damage?

Gradual damage is when something happens slowly over time and causes damage to your property. Gradual damage due to water damage is a common problem when it comes to insurance claims. An example of gradual damage is when something happens slowly, like paint chipping off a wall it starts with a small chip, then eventually half the wall is uncovered. (Continued)

Now that you’ve determined the cause of your roof damage insurance claim through your policy terms and conditions, you may want to know the rest of the common roof insurance rejection arguments insurers use. To make sure you have no holes in your arguments, use a professional Calgary AB roofing company with decades of experience to help determine roof issues you might have. Lastly, the list of Contemporary Exteriors can help you make the best claim possible.

Why Do My Roof Damage Insurance Claims Get Rejected?

Incident Not Covered

In Woodstock IL, it is common to have hurricane and hailstorm insurance. However, it doesn’t mean you can make a claim automatically after a massive storm hits and damages your roof. Even if the investigation shows the damages similar to that of a hurricane or hailstorm, your roof insurance claim denied without adequate evidence.

For example, if your roof suffered hailstorm-level damages but there is no local weather report or presence of hailstorms, the insurer will disqualify your insurance claim automatically.

Age of Roof and Insurance

Your roof insurance policy will cover the full price of your Woodstock IL roof repair or replacement after 5-8 years contractors installed it. Often, insurers have beneficiary reductions due to natural roof aging, which causes normal wear and tear.

This is a standard benefit format among many roof insurers, and it stands to play fair. It is a bad business model to provide full coverage for roofs that are much weaker than their new counterparts. (Continued)

Every good roof damage insurance claim begins with a proper roofing inspection. If you need to get all the evidence you need, allow No Payne Roofing’s professional roofers to inspect your roof and handle the possible repairs once you’re cleared to receive your claim benefits. Contact us today!