For most Calgary AB homeowners, having an immediate roofing inspection is the best preventative solution to avoid massive damages to their roofs. Truthfully, as experienced roofers in Calgary AB, we highly recommend inspections if you feel something is off your roof, especially when you frequently see roof leaks.

However, leaking roofs aren’t necessarily an ideal reason to contact Calgary AB roofing repairs immediately. Your roofer’s responsibility is to inspect your roof and underlayment for possible damages. Therefore, they can inspect these areas and determine the root source of the leaks during rainfall. The roofers can accurately assess the possible damages too.

It’s better to ask your Calgary AB roofer about the best course of action for your roof. Most roofers can mention minor roofing repairs to resolve your underlayment’s minor leak. A preventative leak patch is one way to stop it from overflowing.

However, if they deem the roof requires taking out a few asphalt shingles to patch a new roofing underlayment seam underneath effectively, you must take the roofer’s word for it and proceed with the process. In doing so, you can be confident that you’re investing in improving your roof’s condition.

Dr. Roof has a great list of how to prevent massive roof damages that warrant repairs. This list helps homeowners who wish to nip many of their roofing problems before they become quite expensive. Read more below.

1. Procrastination can cause more damage

Waiting to repair your roof can cause more damage in the long run as weather and sheet rock and other materials just beneath your roof become vulnerable to the elements.

2. Roof Repair Saves money

If you get your roof repaired you can have it guaranteed and the job is well done in the interim. This is an economical choice in the long run. The longer you wait the more money is wasted on repairing unneeded damage from procrastination.

3. Insurance

Your insurance costs can rise if you wait around on needed roof repairs instead of addressing them immediately because your adjuster can tell if you have waited on needed repairs. Coverage will not include procrastination so it is important now to address your repair needs.

4. Weather does not wait

Weather can cause further damage to your roof if it is in need of repair and it is not a good thing to wait around through the seasons to take care of something that can be immediately addressed.

5. Repair Can Turn into Replacement

If you wait long enough your repairs might just turn into the need for a whole roof replacement. The cost of repair versus replacement is vast and waiting around is not cost effective. (Continued)

Lastly, if you are looking for the best replacement roofing, you can count on Certainteed’s trusted line of asphalt shingles. You won’t even need to look far to find exceptional Certainteed-certified because No Payne Roofing can handle your roofing installations in no time. Contact us today.