You’ve definitely heard a neighbor mention it sometimes: they’ve had an experience of epic roofing in Calgary AB. Roofing is something necessary. However, if someone considers it to be epic, then it must be some next-level amazing, right? That’s correct — epic roofing in Calgary AB isn’t impossible especially if you’re working with the most dependable roofers in the area.

Of course, you won’t get an epic roofing experience if you didn’t research about the roofing company you’re working with, right? Then again, many roofers can get certifications and roofing licenses, but not all of them can provide truly high-quality roofing results.

If you’re looking for high-quality roofers in your area, then you just need to remember three quality signs you’re just about to have the most epic roofing in Calgary.

They’ve Done Right By Many Customers

Technology is a beautiful and useful thing. The Internet has made it easy to find feedback from former customers of any business. These include roofers. In some cases, you’ll find raving fans talking about their epic roofing in Calgary experience. On the other hand, you’ll find some scathing words from those who felt the services rendered to them fell short.

While you can see many roofer reviews on many authoritative websites, you might find some of them to sound bizarre or unbelievable. Therefore, it pays to know whether you’re reading fake reviews about roofers online.

While this pertains to businesses in general, Which UK’s guide to spotting fake reviews are a useful and excellent resource. Read more about it below.

Inspect the comments

Don’t rely on star ratings alone. Look at the comments about the product as well and think about the following questions:

  • Is the reviewer being over the top about the product?
  • Is the review too long or too short?
  • Does the review include specifics about the product?
  • How much useful information does the review give about the product itself?
  • Does the review repeat similar information, phrases or titles of other reviews?
  • Does the reviewer’s name appear on other reviews of the product?
  • Think about what you might say about a product you liked and see how the reviews stack up against that.

Watch out for suspicious language

If it reads like an infomercial, it’s probably a fake review instead of an honest real product review.

Some examples might be:

  • These £2 sunglasses are the best thing in the world. They’ve changed my life. I can stare directly at the sun for hours.

  • Once I bought this snake oil for £170, I felt like a new person. My hair grew 5cm overnight and I instantly dropped 10kg.

  • And look out for reviews written all in capitals, with odd formatting or simply have no punctuation at all. (Read More)

Certified By Local Regulators

The Alberta Roofing Contractors Association (ARCA) isn’t a government body but an organisation made up of Alberta’s finest roofers. You can assume any ARCA-certified roofing company will deliver epic roofing in Calgary.

ARCA has very strict guidelines as to who can become a member and certified roofer in its organization. You can read more about its guidelines below:

Membership applications may be made for any of the membership categories as described below. Consideration and approval of membership applications is at the discretion of the Board.

Roofing Contractor Member

  • Pays dues and assessments in accordance with Board policy
  • May vote at the Annual General Meetings or Special Meetings of the Association
  • May sit by invitation of the Board as a voting member on any committee of the Association
  • May stand for election and hold office

Manufacturer Member

Associate Member

  • Pays dues and assessments in accordance with Board policy

  • May sit by invitation of the Board as a voting member on any committee of the Association

  • May not hold office and is not entitled to vote at annual meetings or special member’s meetings (Continued)

Always Adapting and Solving Problems As Best They Can

Excellent roofers aren’t just those who can show paperwork that says they’re roofers. True-blooded roofers who can deliver an epic roofing experience are those with excellent attitudes towards their work. In addition, their aim is to satisfy their customer’s needs by fulfilling all and going beyond expectations and solving unexpected problems that arise during projects.

A good roofer always aims to resolve these issues with an open mind and in an innovative manner. In doing so, they add more to their experience and applied learnings, which help them progress further as professional roofers.

If you have yet to find a trustworthy roofer in your area, you can contact No Payne Roofing to help you. We’re a certified, licensed, insured, and decades-experienced roofing company who can deliver an excellent, epic roofing experience that goes beyond your expectations. Contact us today!