Roofing maintenance is undeniably important for homeowners because it helps resolve the smallest problems without complication. Imagine roof repairs as trying to fix a late-stage disease in the human body — if doctors have known about it during its earliest stages, it’s faster and easier to resolve. Additionally, it will reduce costs when it comes to resolving roofing issues greatly too.

Unfortunately, not all Calgary AB homeowners and property owners will heed the words of their efficient roofer. Most think that it’s just a ploy to get more money by professional Calgary AB roofers who have the best intents and purposes in ensuring the property will have the longest lifespan and protective capacity.

If anyone would look at the math, roofers will often get higher from labor costs on roofing repair. Complete roof tear-offs and replacements requires longer periods of labor because roofs are not easy to tear apart and it requires weeks of continuous work to put up a new roof in place of the old one. Therefore, roofing maintenance — even if it recurs two times every year — is less of a profit-making ploy and more of a useful service that guarantees exceptional results only for property owners.

Roofing maintenance prevents long-term roofing issues by identifying signs of decay, destruction, and other problematic indicators that can evolve over time if roofers leave them unattended. While simple repairs and fixes in different areas won’t leave you with a new roof, it gives you one that will extend the lifespan of your roof and property in general.

Guardian Roofing has an excellent post about the importance of roofing maintenance. Read more about it below:

Keeps Moisture At Bay

Did you know that moisture is a roof’s biggest enemy?

That’s right.

When a roof leaks, typically the leaks go unnoticed for an extended period. This moisture gets soaked up by the insulation slowly before entering the home. As time goes by, the leak saturates the insulation and patches of the leakage occurs on the interior walls or roof.

A wet roof also increases energy losses up to 70% because wet insulation loses its thermal resistance.

The industry recommended standard of roof inspection is twice a year. However, immediate investigations must be conducted after any severe weather condition like rain, hail, or a storm.

Keeps Your Drainage Strong

The correlation between roof and drainage may not strike a chord immediately. However, it is essential to understand the link between the two.

Storm damage and heavy rains render the roof waterlogged. The logged water retains leaves, debris, and trash. The debris clogs the roof drainage and stimulates rot and moisture penetration. This problem mainly goes unnoticed because it does not have any immediate implications, but if left untreated, this may cause severe rotting, corrosion, and mold formation. (Continued)

It’s important to make sure you’re using only the finest roofers in Calgary AB to ensure the longevity and long-term capability of your roof. If you have yet to find a dependable company, contact us at No Payne Roofing today to have your roofing maintenance services started immediately.