Most Calgary AB homeowners find clay tile roofs greatly expensive. These roofing materials introduce a great aesthetic that introduces a unique curb appeal. In addition, they can withstand hail, rain, and snowstorms with minor damages. It might seem they require minimal tile roof repair and maintenance, but the truth is otherwise.

Unfortunately, they’re quite expensive to install and require frequent maintenance. A delicate roofing material, clay tiles require the best Calgary AB roofers for accurate repairs and maintenance. However, you can save money by performing the DIY repairs and care yourself.

If you have DIY skills, then this short but simple instruction from SF Gate Home Guides should help you learn lots about reparation fast — learn more about them here.

Fixing a Roof Tile Crack

Roofing tiles come in concrete, clay and natural stone.

Roofing tiles are one of many different types of roofing materials you can choose from to protect the roof of your home. But just like any other material, they are subject to wear and tear and breakage from weather, falling objects, freezing or movement. Fixing a crack in roof tiles often is easier than trying to replace the piece, and there are several ways to go about it.

Folding Ladder

You do not want to walk on roofing tiles because your weight can crack and break more of them. If you are dealing with a tile that is out of reach of the eaves, you will need to use an extendable, foldable ladder with rubber supports. Fold it over the edge of the roof along the same plane of angle as the roof, and the ladder will spread your weight out via the rubber supports, across several areas rather than single tiles.

Cleaning the Crack

You must first clean the cracked area to ensure that the repair material will bond. Use a toothbrush or a fine-toothed wire brush to remove any debris from the crack. For best results, use water mixed with dish soap to remove dirt and debris and let it dry for 24 hours before you make the patch. Any residual water will impede the bond of the patching material.

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In addition to fixing cracks, it pays to learn dealing with leaks especially when no reliable Calgary AB roofer can reach your location in time before the storm hits again. Clay roof tiles are virtually impregnable, but an incorrect installation can cause leaks and damages.

However, tile roof leak repair procedures are greatly similar to asphalt shingle roof repair. You’ll need a pry bar and leak detecting skills. For the full list of steps to fix leaking clay tile roofs, refer to Do It Yourself’s excellent guide below.

How to Fix a Leak on a Clay Tile Roof

What You’ll Need

  • Mortar Waterproof membrane
  • Caulk gun
  • RT-600
  • Tile Roof Sealer(terracotta color)
  • Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Hanger strap
  • Wet Saw Nails

A clay roof tile is often susceptible to leaks caused as a result of various problems in the tile or in the method of installation. The manner in which a leak can be repaired will differ depending on the cause of the problem.

Step 1 – Identify the Cause

Clay roof tiles may leak due to several faults. While some problems go beyond the roof and are related to the other aspects of the roofing or installation methods, some of the common problems regarding clay tiles are:

  • Defective or worn out waterproof membrane
  • Collection of debris in the roof valley
  • Cracked tiles
  • Broken tiles

To fix the leak, you will need to fix the specific problem that applies to you. Keep in mind that clay roof tiles break easily under pressure, so be very careful when walking on your roof to determine the cause of the leak.

Step 2 – Fix the Membrane

If the problem is in the waterproof membrane, you will need to remove all your existing tiles and replace the old membrane with a new one. Then, re-tile your roof. You may need the help of a professional for removal and re-tiling.

Step 3 – Remove the Debris (Read More Here)

Lastly, learning clay tile roof repairs isn’t the only option to prolong its lifespan. Providing proper and frequent maintenance will minimize the roof repair costs you’ll be facing. To learn how to provide excellent tile roofing maintenance, check out LGC Roofing’s accurate guide here.

4 Steps to Tile Roofing Maintenance

Tile is a popular roofing material, particularly for homeowners who want to showcase their homes with a bit of Southwestern flair. Tile roofing is made from clay or concrete that is pleasing to the eye, but also resistant to fire, heavy rains, and high winds. Tile roofing costs a bit more than traditional shingles, but with a lifespan of 50 years, or more, it is a quality investment in your home.

All roofing systems require regular maintenance, and tile is no exception. Clay tile in particular is a more fragile than wood shakes, asphalt shingles or rubber roofing.

Annual inspection by a qualified roofing contractor and routine maintenance will keep your home leak-free and in optimum condition.

Basic maintenance for tile roofing


Schedule roof inspections for the fall or spring each year. Your roofer is trained to see even the most minor hairline cracks, chips, and bruises in the tiles that can worsen in inclement weather.


Clay or concrete tiles can be hotbeds for algae. Use your house or a low-pressure power washer to rinse algae away from your roof. Take care to not aim your washer directly at the tiles; the pressure could cause them to crack. An indirect spray of warm water and a touch of mild dish detergent is all you need.


It pays to learn tile roof repair and maintenance on your own. However, it can be quite a huge dedication to provide repairs through trial and error as well as frequent maintenance on your own. Remember, No Payne Roofing is always here to help you. Contact us today to learn more about our tile roof repair and maintenance services!