Calgary Roof Rebate

Calgary Roof Rebate | How you can get a roof for FREE!

Calgary Roof Rebate | How you can get a roof for FREE!

Have you recently purchased a new roof within 5 or maybe 10 years? 

Calgary Roof Rebate | What do you do if your shingles start coming off long before the warranty on your shingles is up? And why could this possibly be occurring? More often than not many frustrated homeowners are left wondering what to do.

Let us take a look at what some of the causes and effects can be leading to such a troubling experience.

Calgary Roof Rebate | Reasons Shingles may be falling off of your roof.

Calgary Roof Rebate | Manufacturing defects could be a leading cause to why the shingles are blowing away and ending up in your neighbour’s yard. Often it is the improper fastening of the shingles that could be to blame. When a roof is improperly nailed or fastened, it is sometimes a requirement to do a full replacement of the roof. 

If your shingles were installed during the winter and spring hasn’t yet had a chance to seal them down, your shingles may blow off, since they’re fragile and unsealed until the warm sun can make them lay flat ( this often falls under workmanship warranty ).

The roof may be very steep and proper manufacturer installation may not have been followed i.e., extra nails being used and hand tabbing with asphalt sealant. The starter strip shingle sealant may also have been installed backwards.

Another thing to keep in mind: your shingles may not have been butted up correctly and can be overlapping on one another which is something that is referred to as “Dutch lapping” When Dutch lapping occurs there can be small gaps in between your roof and shingles that can allow wind to get in and rip the shingles completely off. 

When it comes to proper installation of your roof, it is also important to take note that your homes chimney also plays a big part in the integrity of your homes roof.

Calgary Roof Rebate

We asked Rodger from Rodger that HvaC Calgary

“How important is it for the roof to ensure proper installation of a chimney.” “It’s pretty crucial, obviously you will have things like leakage and condensation potentially buildup. If the chimney were to be improperly installed the negative consequences could potentially be even greater.”
“You would potentially be looking at carbon monoxide leakage into the home so that is number one. So long as the home owners are protected from carbon monoxide, that is a good thing, all homes should be.”
“Chimneys are carrying out the products of combustion from the home, If this is compromised in anyway in any location from the mechanical room to the roof, that would cause leakage into the home’s attic space or bulkheads, wherever it’s been run through.”

Rodger from Rodger that HvaC

The term bulkhead refers to the space between the ceiling and typically ends between your homes kitchen cabinetry. if you were to have a chimney leak in your home, all of this space could be carrying these toxic gases from the combustion of your homes furnace.

Consumer Options

A hassle free visit from No Payne Roofing to your home for a diagnostic assessment of your homes roof. After your Calgary roofing estimate has been completed, No Payne Roofing will take two shingle samples from your roof that the homeowner can then send to the shingle manufacturer and the manufacturer will sometimes pay for a complete re-seal of the roof at no extra charge to the homeowner.

There are of course time constraints to keep in mind. Often this time limit can lie within the span of 15 years, any longer than this and your chances of manufacturing warranties being fulfilled are slim. 

Calgary Roof Rebate | How you can get a roof for FREE?

Calgary Roof Rebate | If there is no longer a brand match, or colour match, to your shingles you can call your home insurance provider and they will replace the entire roof free, minus your insurance deductible of course. 

Manufactures have been known to provide homeowners with a manufacturing warranty for Calgary roofing materials such as shingles that have not done their job. In a manufacturing instance, if the warranty of your roof is being honoured there is no deductible charges applied and you could be entitled to a complete re-roof of your home. 

When insurance is involved there more than likely is going to be a deductible charge associated with a re-roof of your home. These are just a few options to keep in mind if you are an un-lucky homeowner missing shingles from the roof of your home. 

The difference between a manufacturing claim is that there is no deductible charge associated as opposed to an insurance claim where the deductible is clearly applied. 

We asked Crista Costen President/Director of Costen Insurance Calgary, What the the process is for home owners to go through when filing a claim for an improperly fastened roof at Costen Insurance.

“In the event of a claim, a client can reach out to notify us and we’ll review their policy with them and confirm their deductible.  We can then take the claim details on their behalf to report it to the insurance company, or in most cases, we will transfer them to the insurance company’s claims department to report the claim directly (as this tends to speed up the claims process).  The insurance company will take their statement and then assign an adjuster to come out and assess the damages, confirm coverage, discuss any limitations, and assist the client in arranging for contractors to come out to provide estimates for repairs.”

Crista Costen President/Director of Costen Insurance

We then asked Crista what filing an insurance claim for an improperly fastened roof might cost for Calgary homeowners.

There is no direct “cost” for a client to file a roofing claim.  However, their policy deductible would apply in the event of a loss. As well, depending on their policy and insurance company, they may have a claims free discount that they would no longer qualify for on renewal, which would have a negative impact on their premiums.”

Crista Costen President/Director of Costen Insurance

Another way to get a roof for free is to check your roofing invoice to see what kind of warranty you have with your installer because it is the installer who may be on the hook for providing you with a brand new roof.

When considering a Calgary Roof Rebate it is important to know that there is really no way to fix a roof that has been fastened improperly, without causing more damage to that roof. If you were going to lift-up every single shingle and re-nail them all again you would be causing more damage to your roof, and it would be ready for the garbage by the time you are done. 

Calgary Roof Rebate | The Solution 

Calgary Roof Rebate | The first step in finding a solution to this problem is a diagnosis.

No Payne Roofing offers Calgary roofing inspections and diagnostic for as little as $145-$325 depending on whether you would like a formal estimate or an in-formal estimate. Prices vary on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes the solution is a quick and easy fix and sometimes the problem is a complete re-roof fix that should not be overlooked. 

It is incredibly important to protect the integrity of your homes roof and to ensure any further damage is made once a problem arises. No Payne Roofing has been providing unrivalled roofing services and more since its inception in 2012 to the Calgary region and its surrounding areas.

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