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Calgary Roofing Company | When it comes to buying a home, one of the crucial steps is a thorough inspection to ensure the property’s quality and to identify any underlying issues. However, the relationship between real estate agents and home inspectors can present a conflict of interest that may compromise the best interests of homebuyers. In this segment, we will explore the potential problems that can arise when real estate agents refer home inspectors and why it is essential for buyers to be proactive in choosing their own inspectors.

Where Conflict Of Interest May Arise

In some cases, real estate agents may refer softball home inspectors who overlook critical aspects of a property. To address this concern, the law has mandated that real estate agents must refer three home inspectors. However, some agents may still refer home inspectors who are lenient in their assessments, undermining the purpose of a comprehensive inspection. 

Softball home inspectors are typically moderate and relaxed in their approach, sometimes due to their inexperience or fear of jeopardizing relationships with real estate agents. Newly established inspectors seeking to build their careers may find it intimidating to receive exclusive referrals from large real estate groups. When the real estate company becomes the inspectors boss, the pressure to avoid thorough inspections that may delay or hinder sales can compromise the integrity of the entire process.

Deal Killer’s

Often dubbed deal-killers, these types of home inspectors are known for their meticulous approach to home inspections, leaving no stone unturned. They go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of a property is thoroughly examined, aiming to provide a comprehensive assessment of its condition. Their attention to detail and commitment to uncovering potential issues make them both respected and feared by real estate groups and sellers alike.

The Solution

To overcome this conflict of interest, it is crucial for homebuyers to exercise caution and avoid relying solely on real estate agent-referred home inspectors. Instead, buyers should take an active role in selecting their own inspectors, conducting interviews, and finding professionals they feel comfortable with. It is also wise to ask potential inspectors if they have any concerns about potentially impacting sales. By taking charge of the inspection process, buyers can ensure an unbiased assessment of the property.

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Not All Agents And Inspectors are Bad

Calgary Roofing Company, No Payne Roofing know it is vital to acknowledge the potential conflict of interest, it is also essential to recognize that not all real estate agents and home inspectors are guilty of compromising the buyer’s interests. Many exceptional agents maintain referral lists that include competent and reliable inspectors. Therefore, it is not a blanket condemnation of all real estate agents in home inspectors but a call for homebuyers to be vigilant in their selection process.

A Reputable Home Inspector: The Interview

To shine a light on the issues surrounding softball home inspectors, we decided to reach out to a home inspector that could technically be referred to as a “deal killer”. 

Aaron from Cornerstone Home Inspections has been known for his meticulous, no-nonsense approach to home inspections. With 5 star ratings on Google, Aaron shows up to the plate for homeowners seeking to find their forever homes.

During a conversation with Aaron, we inquired about any questionable observations he has personally made throughout his years in the industry. 

Here’s what Aaron had to share:

“I have reviewed other home inspectors’ reports before and they have been startlingly sub-par. I have also had real estate agents tell me things like:”

  • “We have to make this deal go through, the client’s nervous.”
  • “Make sure the inspection goes well.”

“They’ve said so many things to me that just disgust me.”

Aaron also alluded to the fact that a lot of home inspectors he has met with or spoken to prioritize the relationship with the real estate agent over doing a good service for the public. Aaron is also very adamant that when a client contracts Cornerstone Home Inspections for a comprehensive home inspection, Aaron makes it clear that his clients are the top priority and he isn’t worried about the deal falling through. 

“My Job is to do my job to the best of my ability, and if the client is nervous about something, they are well within their right to walk away from the deal. That is the purpose of the home inspection.”

The Realtor’s Role

“There are definitely some really great home inspectors and really not so great inspectors and I think the same goes for realtors as well.”

In our pursuit of shedding light on this subject, we had the privilege of engaging in a candid conversation with a seasoned realtor who graciously shared insights into the industry’s challenges and opportunities. One of the pivotal questions we posed to them was: 

Question 1.) In light of potential conflicts of interest, some buyers opt to choose their own home inspectors. How do you strike a balance between providing recommendations and empowering buyers to make informed decisions about the inspectors they hire?

“Ultimately, it’s their decision. I can make as many recommendations as I want but they can choose whomever they want. I can help guide them in the right direction to make sure that they make an informed and educated decision that is best for their interest.”

“We are supposed to provide not just one name but we are actually supposed to provide at least three names or companies so that the buyer can make the best decision for them.” 

Question 2.) In addition, we also inquired of Alex whether she observes that connections between specific realtors and home inspectors could, in certain instances, have a negative impact on the best interests of the home buyers.

Alex exclaimed:

“I’ve heard of situations where there are some agents who choose inspectors who are more likely to be a little more relaxed in their approach to home inspections. Really the important thing is you want to find the inspectors who are going to share any deficiencies that they see with a property. Essentially, you want to see what those red flags are so that the buyer can choose if they want to proceed with the home or they can back out if it’s too big of an issue.”

Hypothetical Home Inspection Problem and a Potential Remedy

“A situation might be that a home inspector will find some foundational cracks typically, Inspectors are generalists, they’re not necessarily specialists in certain fields. So they would say that we’ve noted foundational cracks then, it would be the buyers decision on how they wish to proceed. In cases like this, it might warrant having a foundational company, or a foundational repair company come to assess those cracks to then determine how serious the cracks are.”

Delving in for additional information in the midst of a great conversation with Alex we Brought up a matter for consideration.

Question 3) Buyers often want to move quickly in a competitive real estate market. How do you balance the urgency of the buying process with the need for a thorough inspection to safeguard your clients from unexpected issues with the property?

Alex responded:

“In today’s market it is pretty competitive and there are some buyers who come in unconditionally. I do find them being buyers who are maybe a bit more desperate. Maybe they’ve made so many offers that they don’t really care at that point or they might be coming from another marketplace where you don’t traditionally see a home inspection done.”

“Again it comes down to the buyers’ comfortability and whether they want to have an inspection or not. It is always recommended by us to get that inspection because the point of the inspection is to tell us what is going on like is the attic properly insulated? Because we aren’t going into the attic hatch during a showing.”

“The main thing here is making sure that you have that inspector who you trust and who you know is competent. If it is something that needs to be done quickly, it is making sure that you have that inspection pre-booked.”

“In addition, conversely if you are representing the seller it’s actually getting a pre-listing home inspection done as the seller which can actually benefit the seller but also the buyers. Many buyers come in, see the Home inspection that was done prior to listing and they end up feeling more confident knowing that the home was already inspected and they know what the deficiencies are whether they’ve been repaired or not.”

The Home Seller

Homeowners often face a sense of urgency to sell their properties when the time comes. And their eagerness to make a sale, some homeowners may attempt to conceal underlying issues by applying cosmetic fixes to present an appealing first impression. Most homeowners are looking to maximize profits from a quick sale and are not looking to dump a lot of money into a property prior to selling it.

Opting for cheaper repair options, especially when it comes to Calgary Roofing, can lead to significant and costly consequences down the road, buyers should also Beware Of the Re-Roofed Home.


It is crucial to prioritize thorough home inspections, Calgary roofing inspections, and Identifying necessary repairs beforehand in order to avoid potential financial burdens for the homebuyer.

Being Proactive in the Purchasing Process

When making one of the most significant financial investments of their lives, homebuyers must prioritize finding a tough, honest, and thorough home inspector. Choosing a home inspector who is unbiased and independent from the real estate agent involved in the transaction can help mitigate any potential conflicts of interest. By asking relevant questions and being proactive in the selection process, buyers can ensure that their hard-earned money is invested in a property that meets their expectations and doesn’t come with unforeseen renovation costs. 

Remember, it is your home and your future-don’t settle for anything less than a comprehensive and honest home inspection.

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